About Me

Hello there fellow booklover.

My name is Signe aka The Book Chatter and I am here to show my love for all things bookish.

I have been on this earth for 28 years and counting, but I still have so much to discover.

I reside in the lovely little country of Denmark, but sometimes I feel like it is too small for me and that I need to get out. A dream of mine is to live and work in London – my home away from home.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Sales and Marketing Management and now the world is at my feet and I just have to figure out which way to go.

I want to work with books in the future, both in the publishing, but also writing them. I have so many ideas and many have been put down on pages upon pages.

You can currently read my work on Wattpad  where there’s both Fantasy, Teen Romance and Vampire stories to choose from. Do know that they are all first drafts.

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