My blog and I have hit another milestone – 200 awesome people have decided to follow TheBookChatter!! I am so flattered that so many people want to follow me and the books that I read and review here + other bookish shenanigans.


So I thought I’d ask you guys a question:

What kind of posts do you enjoy reading the most?

Hauls/wrap ups/tbrs?
Top favourite lists?
Something entirely different?

I’d love to know so that I can improve my content and provide something that many more people can enjoy as well.

So please hit me up in the comment section below and tell me your favourite kind of bookish blogpost!

Have a wonderful weekend♥

xx Signe aka TheBookChatter

4 thoughts on “200 followers!

  1. Congratulations! I thought books blogs only had reviews when I first started. I love reading reviews and have bought some great books via them. I also love taking part in and reading weekly tags like First Line Fridays, WWW Wednesday and SixforSunday. I’ve recently done the Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag which was fun.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Yeah, I didn’t realise either that there was so much more to a book blog than just talking about the books you’ve read.
      I have to read up on the Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag. I’ve seen many do it and perhaps some more weekly tags.

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