Fandom Friday

Fandom Friday is a new thing I’m trying out on my blog.

Each Friday I will try and delve into a fandom, those I’m a part of and perhaps some that I haven’t spent that much time in… or at all.

I want to touch upon things like merch, dedication levels and everything else I can think of and I want you to be a part of it also – if you are a part of the fandom of the week, then please don’t hesitate to comment with your input as to why you are a part of that fandom.

Fandoms can range from anywhere between




Yeah, fans can get pretty into their fandom and be so dedicated that they forget everything that goes on in the real world because all they want is to live in their favourite fictional world with their favourite characters.


And yes, as from the gifs above, I won’t just be going into bookish fandoms, though they will be a large part of this Fandom Friday, but I feel like there are TV-Shows and movies out there that hasn’t been adapted from the paper pages that deserves some recognition as well.

So what kind of fandoms can you expect to see on Fridays in the future.
Well, be prepared for fandom talk from Harry Potter, ACOTAR, GoT, SPN, Percy Jackson, LOTR, TMI, Divergent, Marvel, THG, Tortall, Red Rising and looaads more.

If there is a specific fandom you would like me to delve into and talk about, feel free to comment down below, otherwise just stay tuned for Fandom Friday.

Fandom Friday will start next Friday and it’s important to remember…

Fandoms are like family.




What is your favourite fandom?

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