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Hello everyone and thanks for clicking on this post.

So, I know I don’t post that many non-book related things on here and that’s kind of the point with a book blog. But now something has happened that I want to share with you all – I’m moving. I’m finally, for the first time in my 29 years of existing, getting my own place that I can call home.

Actually, by the time this blogpost is up I will have already moved in (as I’m writing this update I’ve lived in my new flat for almost a week).

I’ve spent the week moving things from my parents’ house and then the rest of my stuff from storage, where most of my +300 books have been since July (yes, it is just as awful as it sounds), but I’ve visited them so I have survived the long months without most of my babies.

But now I have settled in to my new surroundings and so begins the work of getting everything into place and the most important part of that was to get my bookshelves back up and running.

And now for the fun part – reorganizing my bookshelves.

In the past I’ve done it alphabetical by author’s last name. I’ve tried a rainbow, but gave up with the conclusion that I own way too many dark-spined books. I actually tried to avoid buying those for a while and focus on getting more colorful books..
Is that something you’ve done? Or is that just me?

Below is a before photo of how my shelves used to look before they were packed away to not see a shelf for almost 10 months!

2019-04-04 12_41_57-Signe πŸ‡©πŸ‡°πŸ“š (@thebookchatter) β€’ Instagram-billeder og -videoer – Google Chrome

This photo is from February 2018.


And here are my shelves now!


What do you think?
Could I improve my arranging in some way?
I’d love to know down below in the comments.

I haven’t loaded my shelves with bookish merch as much as before. I also took the tough decision to remove some of the books I know I won’t read to make room for the rest. It was a tough decision, but I will find somewhere else to display the others. I may need to get another bookshelf, maybe another small one like the one in the middle (the halfling).

I can definitely tell that I need to get more colorful books to brighten up my rather gloomy dark collection.

How do you arrange your books?
Alphabetical? Height? Color? By series? Genre? Or something entirely different?

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