February Wrap Up

Well would you look at that – another month has come and gone. Granted, February is a few days shorter than the others, but nonetheless, it has past and it’s time to see what I’ve managed to read throughout the month.

And it just so happens that I’ve actually completed this month’s TBR list.. and then some!


So this is the photo from my February TBR post and as luck would have it – I read them all. But not only that, I also read the entire Calendar Girl series by Audrey Carlan. 12 short books, which, I am of course counting as separate reads.


I read these in Danish and it took me a week to get through all 12. They were roughly around 250 pages on my phone.

So this means that the total count for books I’ve read in February comes to a whopping 16 books! But that’s all thanks to the erotic digress I took in the middle of the month.

If I had to pick a favourite – which actually, if you look at my rating on Goodreads wasn’t hard – it would be The List by Joanna Bolouri with The Extinction Trials hot on its heels. That book had me in fits of laughter with sporadic snorting outbursts and sometimes fanning myself from all the x-rated action. But they were all great books that I recommend.

There will be separate reviews up, hopefully not with too much time in between and look out for the first one later this week.

What books did you read in February? I’d love to know.

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