Essentials for a cozy reading time

With winter slowly dragging to an end (at least where I am), it is still nice to be able to snuggle up with a good book whilst the weather outside becomes warmer (finally). But in order to get the full cozy experience, in my opinion, you’ll need a few things to get the best possible reading experience.

So I put together a small list of things that for me are essential to get the best and most cozy reading experience.

First off, you need a soft place to put your tush if you’re going to sit/lie/lounge with a book for a solid hour or more. For me, the best thing is a comfortable reading chair. To be able to tug your feet up, to lie sideways with your legs over the armrest *Sigh*. The one I have my eyes on is the Strandmon from IKEA and I cannot resist to sit in it every time I visit my local IKEA.


Next to go with the comfortable chair is a nice and soft blanket to cover yourself with as you snuggle up with your book of choice. The blanket in the picture below just screams “SNUGGLE TIME” and it looks so soft I’m almost crying.


Next up is footwear and by that I mean socks. Throw on your favourite pair of comfy, reading socks and let your feet relax. My favorite pair is hands down my cozy black socks like the ones pictured here, especially in the winter time when the floor is freezing cold.


Now that you’ve settled in nice and snuggly, you’ll need the right mood in your surroundings. First off is music. I know some like it quiet when they read to not be distracted, but personally, I like a bit of soft-playing mood music and the best kind of music for me is either a random fantasy chill playlist on youtube OR The Lord of the Rings soundtrack. I live for this music and I play it non-stop. So I’ll have that playing in the background as I read and it works great if you’re reading a fantasy book.


Another thing I like to do when reading is light up some candles for that extra cozy vibe. Whether it be scented bookish candles or just plain candles, I think it adds to the whole experience. Throughout the last couple of years I’ve managed to gather a nice little collection of bookish candles, and what perfect way to use them if not when I’m reading a book!

Okay, so the setting is done, music is playing and candles are flickering, your reading place is all set, and all you need now is the nutrition. Let’s start with the snacks. For me, I need reading snacks that aren’t too messy/crumbly or too difficult to eat whilst reading. Nuts, M&M’s and other small sized snacks are perfect for one-handed snacking as I read. Finally, the drink. For me, nothing says cozy reading time without a big mug of hot chocolate, more precisely peppermint hot chocolate with whipped cream. Otherwise, my go-to tea flavour is peppermint & lemongrass from Fredsted. Mmhm. I can practically smell it. Yum. I don’t drink coffee, if you’re wondering why I didn’t mention that. But if a steaming cup of coffee is what does it for you, then go for it.


So there you have it. My essentials for a cozy reading time. Do you agree? Perhaps you have different things on your list you’d like to share?

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